Invited lecture

Elbow arthroplasty: past, present and future.

Morrey B. (Minnesota, USA)
Moderators: Korolev A., Skoroglyadov A. (Moscow, Russia)



Opening ceremony.




Polytrauma. Session 1

Moderators: Agadzanian V. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia), Bagnenko S. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Kavalerskiy G. (Moscow, Russia), Kotel’nikov G. (Samara, Russia), Mitish V., Skoroglyadov A. (Moscow, Russia)

Effective medical system for polytrauma-patients in Russia -  current state and perspectives of development.
Bagnenko S. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Medical care management in polytrauma. Project of clinical recommendations.
Agadzanian V. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia)

Trauma-system in region: experience, problems, perspectives.
Zavrazhnov A., Bosko O., Bosak N., Shevchenko A., Blazhenko A., Piatakov S., Baranov A. (Sochi, Russia)

Damage control orthopedic in severe limb injuries.
Gumanenko E., Chromov A., Chapurin V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)




Polytrauma. Session 2

Moderators: Voloshin V. (Moscow, Russia), Gumanenko E. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Dubrov V. (Moscow, Russia), Zavrazhnov A. (Sochi, Russia)

Reconstructive surgery in severe bone and soft-tissue injuries
Mitish V. (Moscow, Russia)

Treatment of pelvis fractures, accompanied by intrapelvic injuries.
Borisov M., Denisenko V., Grebnev A., Ganin E., Samokhvalov I. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Resuscitation in instable pelvis fractures.
Gordienko D., Korobushkin G., Ostapchenko D., Skorogliadov A. (Moscow, Russia)

Damage control surgery in the treatment of high-energy injuries.
Voloshin V., Gordeev G., Pavlov A., Tufanian A. (Moscow, Russia)

Comparison of different methods of surgical treatment of unstable pelvic ring injuries.
Grin’ A., Sergeev K., Faryon A., Dayan T., Belov V. (Tyumen’, Russia)

Minimally-invasive technologies of treatment of patients with unstable pelvic ring fractures.
Donchenko S., Dubrov V., Slinyakov L., Lebedev A., Nemnonov A. (Moscow, Russia)

Diagnostics and treatment of pelvic injuries in polytrauma patients.
Fein A., Ivanov P., Zadneprovskiy N. (Moscow, Russia)




Polytrauma. Session 3

Moderators: Brizhan’ L., Ivanov P., Kuzin V., Sokolov V., Sharipov I. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical treatment of severe  chest injuries in polytrauma.
Kochergaev O. , Reznikov Ya., Draznin V., Kot’kin V., Bogdanov R. (Samara, Russia)

Surgical treatment of polytrauma patients with dominating closed chest  injuries.
Pronskih Al., Pronskih A. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia)

Modern differentiated surgical tactic in multiple and floating rib fractures.
Benian A., Karymasov E., Pushkin S., Kameev I., Scherbakov D., Abashkin N. (Samara, Russia)

Combined multiple and floating rib fractures and early intrapleural complications of  severe chest injuries in polytrauma.
Sharipov I., Shahshaev M., Damazh A. (Moscow, Russia)

Closed fixation of pelvis fractures in multiple and combined injuries.
Kusturov V., Kusturova A. (Kishinev, Moldova)

Current state of treatment of acetabular fractures.
Solod E., Lazarev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Staged treatment of complicated spinal injuries in acute period of polytrauma.
Yakushin O., Novokshonov A. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia)




Polytrauma. Session 4

Moderators: Dianov S. (Astrakhan, Russia), Kliuchevskiy V. (Yaroslavl’, Russia), Samokhvalov M., Sergeev S. (Moscow, Russia)

Current approach to the treatment of battle-field injuries of musculo-skeletal system.
Kryukov E., Samokhvalov I., Brizhan’ L., Davydov D., Khominets V., Kerimov A., Chirva Yu.,. Arbusov Yu, Pykhtin I. (Moscow, Russia)

Complex reconstruction in severe open lower leg fractures.
Ivanov P., Shibaev E., Mezhebitskaya L., Nevedrov A., Gantsev R. (Moscow, Russia)

Resuscitation of patients with polytrauma in operation room.
Apaguni A., Tsebekov H., Nikolenko V., Botagov A., Kovalenko A. (Stavropol, Russia)

Extraperitoneal pelvis packing in unstable pelvic ring injuries.
Manukovskiy V., Tulupov A., Kazhanov I., Kiziavka M., Mikityuk S., Reva V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Treatment of lower leg fractures in polytrauma patients.
Plotnikov I., Bondarenko A. (Barnaul, Russia)

Civilian gun-shot injuries in the settings of modern city.
Kuldzhanov D. (St-Louis, USA)




Polytrauma. Session 5

Moderators: Vorotnikov A. (Stavropol, Russia), Zorya V. (Moscow, Russia), Malanin D. (Volgograd, Russia), Miromanov A. (Chita, Russia)

Prophylaxis of earlier and late complications in polytrauma patients with musculo-skeletal system injuries.
Agadzanian V., Pronskih A., Bogdanov S. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia)

Transport immobilization in the treatment of gun-shot fractures of long bones.
Ganin E., Samokhvalov I., Borisov M. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Conversion osteosynthesis in polytrauma patients.
Litvina E., Charchan A., Naumenko M., Akopian A. (Moscow, Russia)

Tele-medicine in improvement of efficacy of regional trauma-system.
Zavrazhnov A., Blazhenko A., Bosko O., Mukhanov М. (Sochi, Russia)

Ways to decrease the infection complications rate in polytrauma patients in Level-1 trauma-center.
Zavrazhnov A., Piatakov S., Bosko O., Bukharev A., Baranov A., Basov V. (Sochi, Russia)

Choice of external fixation frame in emergency stabilization of pelvic ring injuries in polytrauma patients.
Zadneprovskiy N., Ivanov P. (Moscow, Russia)

Multiple pelvis and spinal injuries in polytrauma.
Kusturova A., Kusturov V. (Kishinev, Moldova)



Special course under SECEC/ESSSE support

Current concepts in the management of radial head fractures

Moderators: Gilfanov S., Golubev V. (Moscow, Russia), Reznik L. (Omsk, Russia)

Development of individualized treatment of radiohumeral joint injuries and their implications.
Tutunnikov A. (Russia)

Surgical management of radial head fractures in athletes.
Sautin M. (Russia)

Radial head replacement.
Morrey B.F. (USA)

Elbow Arthroscopy in acute setting.
Blonna D., (Italy)

Etiology and options for the management of the stiff elbow

Conservative management of the stiff elbow.
Korchagin A. (Russia)

Arthroscopic management of the stiff elbow.
Blonna D. (Italy)

Column procedure (open management of the stiff elbow).
Morrey B.F. (USA)



Special course under SECEC/ESSSE support

Treatment of the unstable elbow

Moderators: Prokhorenko V. (Novosibirsk, Russia), Ratyev A. (Moscow, Russia), Sergeev K. (Tumen', Russia)

Understanding elbow instability.
D. Blonna (Italy)

Management of fracture-dislocation elbow.
Ratyev A. (Russia)

Prosthetic replacement as salvage for elbow trauma

Elbow replacement after high-energy trauma.
Gricuyk A. (Russia)

Complications of elbow arthroplasty.
Slobodskoy A. (Russia)

Elbow arthroplasty and their consequences.
Prokhorenko B. (Russia)

Surgical management patients with rheumatoid arthritis elbow.
Roskidailo A. (Russia)



Special course under SECEC/ESSSE support

A new concept in the management of chronic tendinopathy

Moderators: Lazko F., Sereda A. (Moscow, Russia)

F.A.S.T. procedure for tennis elbow.
Morrey B. (USA)

Current concept in the management of chronic tendinopathy.
Glazkov Y. (Russia)

Proximal humerus fractures

Proximal humeral fracture treated with new external fixator.
D.Blonna (Italy)

The Two Year Outcome after Implantation of a Pyrocarbon Ball in Failed Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures with Advanced Collapse of the Humeral Head.
Fedotov E., Gohlke F. (Germany)

Frolov (Russia)

Anatomical study and clinical testing of the method of minimally invasive  osteosynthesis of helically curved plates for humerus fractures.
Belenky I. (Russia)

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in Glenoid bone loss – autologous reconstruction using 3-D-planning tools
Fedotov E., Gohlke F. (Germany)



Special course under SECEC/ESSSE support

Current concepts in the rotator cuff surgery

Moderators: Gritsuk A., Lazishvili G. (Moscow, Russia)

Which partial rotator cuff tears need surgery, which don´t?
Korolev A. (Russia)

Which total rotator cuff tears need surgery, which don´t?
Nikolaev K. (Russia)

Open Repair of a Massive Rotator Cuff Tear
Kondyrev N. (Russia)

Arthroscopic Repair of a Massive Rotator Cuff Tear
Aydin N. (Turkey)

Current concepts in the shoulder instability

Surgical management of chronic recurrent anterior shoulder instability.
Kopylov A. (Russia)

Complication rates and clinical success rates of modified Eden procedure in shoulder instability with significant glenoid bone loss.
Fedotov E., Gohlke F. (Germany)

Сomplications after arthroscopic Latarjet procedure
Milenin O. (Russia)

Arthroscopic free bone block procedure
Docolin S. (Russia)

Soft-tissue reconstruction techniques for posterior shoulder instability
Zinchenko A. (Russia)



Special course under SECEC/ESSSE support

Current concepts in the management of AC-joint instability

Сопредседатели: Kuznetsov I. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Lazishvili G. (Moscow, Russia)

Results of management AC-joint dislocations
Gricuyk A. (Russia)

Surgical management AC-joint dislocations
Afanasyev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Сomplications after surgical management AC-joint dislocations
Shukyr-Zade E. (Moscow, Russia)

Clinical evaluation of management humeroscapular periarthritis of Tsinghu acupuncture
Fu Lixin (China)





Traumatological aspects of osteoporosis.

Moderators: Kochish A., Lesnyak O. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures – the most important traumatological aspect of multidisciplinary problem of osteoporosis.
Kochish А. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

RAOP project «PROMETHEUS» and organization of the complex treatment of the patients with osteoporotic fractures.
Lesnyak О.M. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Can the treatment of systemic osteoporosis be effective if it begins only after proximal femoral fracture?
Rodionova S. (Moscow, Russia)

Specificity of surgical managing patients with osteoporotic fractures.   
Reznik L. (Omsk, Russia)

Specificity of treatment fractures of patients with rheumatic diseases.
Byalik E., Makarov S. (Moscow, Russia)



Symposium Boehringer Ingelheim

The safety during prescription of peroral anticoagulant in the prevention and treatment of VTEC: what to consider?

Moderator: Zagorodniy N. (Moscow, Russia)

Selection algorithm of peroral anticoagulant: real practice makes accents.
Zolotova I. (Moscow, Russia)

Clinical discussion  of comorbide patient.
Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)

Peroral anticoagulants: chimera or a real need?
Firsov S. (Yaroslavl, Russia)

Prevention of VTEC in trauma practice.
Belen’kiy I. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Prospects for using of anticoagulants in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis.
Ershov D. (Moscow, Russia)



Symposium - round table Berlin-Chemi Menarini

How traumatologist-orthopedist can manage to avoid complications in perioperative period: rational analgesia and thromboprophylaxis.

Moderator: Kopenkin S., Korobushkin G. (Moscow, Russia)

Clinical cases discussion.

Violations of system hemostasis pathognomonic polytrauma.
Kolesnikov V., Rakhimov B. (Tol’yatti, Russia)

Economic feasibility of blood saving methods in traumatology and orthopedics.
Airapetov G., Vorotnikov A., Konovalov E. (Stavropol’, Russia)

Prevention of VTEC in injured with gunshot fractures of the lower limbs.
Zubritckiy V., Koltovich A., Shabalin A., Akimov A., Golubov Е., Leonov A., Mamaev A., Nikishov E., Nikolaev K. (Moscow, Russia)

Prevention of pulmonary embolism in patients with severe concomitant skeletal trauma.
Petrov A., Borisov M., ganin E., Semenov Е., Petrov А., Samokhvalov I. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Modern approaches of diagnosis and prevention of early complications of traumatic disease with multiple fractures of limb bones.
Sirazitdinov S., Pankov I. (Kazan’, Russia)

Complications from the gastrointestinal tract in trauma patients.
Fedoseev A., Budarev V., Muraviev S.., Filonenko P. (Ryazan’, Russia)



Symposium Gedeon Richter

Interdisciplinary consensus of treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Moderators: Barinov А., Karateev А., (Moscow, Russia), Kireev S. (Saratov, Russia.)

Modern anti-inflammatory therapy as a main direction of pain treatment.  
Karateev А. (Moscow, Russia)

Multimodal therapy androgen pain in orthopedic and trauma practice.
Kireev S. (Saratov, Russia)

Interventional methods of treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
Barinov A. (Moscow, Russia)




Some issues of treatment of limb injuries.

Moderators: Degtyarev А. (Yaroslavl’, Russia), Lekishvili M.(Moscow, Russia), Nazariv  Е. (Ryazan’, Russia), Pal’shin G. (Yakutsk, Russia)

Biological implants, the possibility of use in traumatology and orthopedics.
Lekishvili M., Akatov V., Ochkurenko А., Guriev V., Ryabov A., Fadeeva I., Raginov I., Bugrov S., Yurasova Yu. (Moscow, Russia)

The problems of body tissue deficiency in orthopedic injury.
Samodai V. (Voronezh, Russia)

Reinforcement of Achilles tendon.
Knyazev N., Kim Yu. (Samara, Russia)

Complete relief of pain in the pathology of the upper limb.
Strakhov M. (Moscow, Russia)

Intraosseous blockings in the treatment of ankle sprain.
Sokov E., Kornilova L., Nesterov A. (Moscow, Russia)

New approaches to surgical treatment of fractures.
Solod E., Lazarev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Osteosynthesis using needles: effectively, within touch, economy.
Lysov V., Parshikov M., Guriev V., Ivkin S. (Trubchevsk, Russia)

Experimentally-morphological study of reparative properties of bone and plastic materials used in trauma and orthopedic practice.
Lazishvili G., Ettinger A., Egiazaryan K., Anurov M., Korobushkin G., Akmataliev K. (Moscow, Russia)




Training Seminar on Foot Surgery with the practicum.

Participation is by pre-registration, registration is complete!

Moderators: Mazalov A., Protsko V. (Moscow, Russia)




Training Seminar on Foot Surgery with the practicum (continued).



Symposium Pierre Fabre

Integrated approach in the treatment of patients with impaired bone metabolism in traumatology and orthopedics.

Speakers: Lazarev A., Rodionova S., Torgashin A. (Moscow, Russia)

Features of surgical treatment of patients with fractures and impaired bone metabolism.
Lazarev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Conservative therapy as part of complex treatment of patients with fractures and impaired bone metabolism.
Rodionova S. (Moscow, Russia)

Conservative treatment of avascular necrosis of the knee after arthroscopic meniscectomy.
Torgashin A. (Moscow, Russia)




From student to practitioner.

Moderators: Garkavi A.V. (Moscow, Russia), Ovsyankin A.V. (Smolensk, Russia), Ochkurenko A.V. (Moscow, Russia), Samodai V.G. (Voronezh, Russia)

Experience of practical skills in teaching centers of traumatology and orthopedics.
Bulatov S. (Kazan, Russia)

Student scientific society - is an atavism, or...?
Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)

Olympics residents - the path of cultivation in the specialty.
Ovsyankin A. (Smolensk, Russia)

European Trauma Course:  The Team Approach to Trauma.
Rommevs P. (Meinz, Germany)

About professional motivation.
Snezhkova N. (Moscow, Russia)

Experience simulation center RNRMU.
Ivanov A. (Moscow, Russia)